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From confusion comes the first small seeds of an idea.

I guess I should first apologise to my readers for being rather haphazard in my writing of these blog articles.
I suppose it’s all part of being in a confused and muddled “where am I at” and “what am I supposed to be doing now” stage of things which, whilst not being very comforting to any newbie reading this, it at least proves that I am genuine when I say this blog is about my learning how to be a successful online entrepreneur as much as it is about helping other people to do the same.

So what have this weeks mistakes been??

To be honest, I don’t really think I’ve made any howlers.

I ran my first FB advert and I got (drum roll)…….1 subscriber lol.

I guess that’s enough proof that the particular ad format I used wasn’t so appealing that it had hundreds of potential subscribers desperate to sign up.
Oh well……if I have learned one thing from the numerous educational webinars, e-books, training programmes and videos I have watched in the last 10 days or so it is that very few people get it right first time.

It is the people who don’t give up, who keep trying different things, who learn from others and just refuse to be beaten who are the people who finally succeed.
So I’ve been back to the drawing board to consider the next step.

I will absolutely try another FB ad campaign but will try targeting a different audience and if that doesn’t work, I’ll change my ad copy and then the video I have and if all of that fails I’ll start my research on “what makes a good FB ad” all over again.
The key thing is to log what has worked (or in this case, what hasn’t) and gradually hone in on the good stuff and eliminate the bits that don’t work.

It’s time consuming and a bit of a ball ache to be honest but perseverance is the name of the game.
Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t or won’t.

One thing I have also discovered is the past week is that “Shiny Object Syndrome” doesn’t just apply to business opportunities. In the past I have been guilty of jumping from one “shiny object” to another in the mistaken belief that, my not succeeding is down to the fault of the opportunity I’ve been trying and not down to me. To be fair, in some instances I have signed up to some programmes, enticed by the clever and alluring marketing only to discover that it just doesn’t do what it says on the tin, at which point I have asked for my money back (that’s what a 30 day money back guarantee is for after all).

The benefit of that is, I guess, you soon develop an eye for the rubbish that’s out there and the few opportunities that are good and genuine stand out like a shining beacon. BUT, it takes a long time, potentially a lot of money and lots of disappointment before you get to the stage of being able to hear warning bells early on.
I have also learned to base my judgement of any potential new opportunity on some key criteria least of which being my gut feeling. It’s amazing how years of being scammed, conned, ripped off and disappointed hones your instinct for rooting out the BS, hype and fluff that is out there in the big wide world of the internet.

Anyway, I digress.
Back to shiny objects.

This last week I have been doing my best to educate myself better at the same time as going through the necessary but rather tough process of writing emails for my autoresponder.
There’s one hell of a lot of information out there to choose from and the confusing thing is that whilst you do find the same message getting repeated, people all have different ways of getting it over to you.

Take autoresponder email content (seeing as how that’s what I have been doing this week)

Should you write long emails or short ones?
People say yes to both of those depending on what’s worked for them.

Should you send them daily, every other day, weekly or some other schedule?
Again, there’s someone out there who says that any one of those options is right.

Should I include a link to my opportunity in every email?
Fred says Yes, Joe says No.

Should I promote the same opportunity in every email I send out even if I’ve set up over 100 follow up emails?
Fred says Yes, Joe says No.

When do I change the product I am promoting within my email follow up sequence?
Fred says Never, Joe says, after 5 emails, and hang on here, Simon hops in and says after 10 emails……

I think you get the picture here!!!

Everyone has either an opinion or fact based evidence that one particular way of doing things is the best because it works for them.

It can all get very confusing and here’s how I have sorted my way through this minefield of information and recommendations.

Write it all down!!!
Consider the pros and cons. Consider how you would feel as the recipient of your email message.
Think about how often you will actually have to put into this element of your business.
What “feels” like the best approach to you?
There is no point in doing something that doesn’t sit right with you just because some “guru” does it one way – your heart won’t be in it and that will soon become apparent to your audience of potential subscribers and customers.

Then when you find the next “shiny object” that’s all about email marketing you can quickly see if it’s going to give you any new information and if not, just consign it to the trash can.

Slowly but surely I’m learning to avoid every shiny object, find the ones that are worth while picking up and using and then putting them down once I have all I need from them util I have my own personal strategy that I can use, hone and perfect and pass on to others like you reading this blog.

And this leads me back to the subject of this blog….the seeds of an idea.

This came to me when I was watching one particular webinar which was VERY VERY different in approach to anything else I have watched, not just this week, but in my whole “career” in internet marketing.

This was not about self….. the message was about reaching out to other people in order to help them and in doing so you will discover that you actually help yourself far more than if you just sell, sell, sell all the time.
People out there are sick and tired of being sold to, of being promised one thing to entice them in only to find that they have been teased in and there’s no real worth to what they are looking into unless they start to fork out more and more money.

How many times have you heard ” I will show you for FREE how to earn a million pounds overnight” only to discover that the only person actually making any money is the guy who is trying to get you to spend your hard earned cash with him.
Sure you might get some free stuff but it’s never really enough.

Or how about the “Let me do it all for you, build your business up till it’s making a guaranteed £££££ per month and then I’ll hand it back to you all shiny and sparkly and making money”
WOW!!! That’s AMAZING….you would do all that for me?

“Well of course…..if you pay me £20k upfront to do it for you…….but you will get that back within the first two months because I will have set it all up that way and of course I guarantee it will make that money for you”

OK mate, if you can guarantee that you are going to do that and get my business to £10k a month for a 6 month period, why don’t we do it together, you show me everything that you are doing so I can learn on the job and then you take your £20k out of the guaranteed profits we make every month…….


Is there anyone there?…..

Where did he suddenly disappear off to?
Off to find someone else who has £20k upfront to put into his pocket no doubt.

Don’t get me wrong……anyone who forks up £20k upfront is highly unlikely to then do sweet F A and risk losing it all but having loads of dosh to start with isn’t within the grasp of everyone and just because one person has more money than another, does that automatically mean they are going to work harder than someone with little up-front investment?

I don’t think so.

Anyway, back to my idea…..

Its a big one and rather scary to be honest but I have been fortunate to find a like minded individual in America who actually feels the same as me and over FB messages we have slowly reached the basis of an idea.

We want to set up a business where we can educate people, not only how to make money online with various different opportunities but also educate them how to get out of and avoid debt in the first place. And we want to do it in a partnership with them, no up front fees but a legally binding contract that gives us our fees once we reach a certain target that we agree before hand.

That’s it in a very high level way.

Some people might think we are crazy but then it’s often the crazy ideas that work out the best simply because they are so refreshingly different….we will wait and let history be the judge of that on this occasion.

But the concept sits comfortably with me and my American buddy so we are going to look into it further and I am sure you will get to hear much more about it through this blog as we progress things…..

So that’s it for this (rather longer) blog post dear friend.

I wish you a wonderful weekend with friends and family and I look forward to sharing more of my journey into the fascinating world of online business with you over the next few weeks and months.

Your friend in success,


A tough start but I’m getting there!

Dada!!!! I feel like there should be a drum roll here as this is MY FIRST PROPER blog post …..EVER!

As I said in the home page, this blog has been set up for me to log my journey into the world of Internet Marketing and Coaching so that (hopefully) you, dear reader, can follow in my (hopefully successful) footsteps but without making the mistakes that I am bound to make.

So it’s been a few weeks since this blog site was set up and I haven’t really done much with it and I guess here is the first lesson of getting set up in a new online business… takes TIME!

Anyone who wants to do this properly needs to have a solid foundation on which to build their new business and there is no greater value than in time spent getting the basics right.

I decided to get help with my initial set up as, to be honest, the technical side of setting up a website, getting a domain name and email addresses, organising website hosting, getting an autoresponder account, writing those all important first few emails, creating a lead capture page and sales funnel that work, setting up a Facebook page and getting an ad ready to go are all pretty scary things that, if done wrong can cost you a whole heap of money.
There’s an awful lot to do but for anyone who doesn’t have a spare dime to spend getting someone to set these up for you (and I didn’t actually spend that much to be honest) then the programme that I am working with gives very detailed training and videos that explain everything and which, if you follow them step by step, you CAN get everything set up in the best possible way.

Maybe I’m just impatient or lacking in self-confidence, but on this occasion I felt that the cost of paying someone to set everything up for me was well worth it.

I’ve still had plenty to do though and it’s taken time, not least of all because I have had to deal with the death of my mother at the same time as setting up my new business.

And that’s another lesson learned… matter how much you plan, Life will always find a way of intervening and unexpected things will happen that put less important things on hold for a while. But that doesn’t mean that you have failed, or are missing out on all sorts. It just means things are taking a little longer to reach fruition than I had originally intended and after all, patience is a virtue (or so they say).

So now I am back on track with things.

My first Facebook advert is up and running (I found a cool video making site that for a small monthly fee lets you create a FB compliant video advert and I get to create a new, professional video every month – awesome!) Having something different to all the static ads with just pictures will (hopefully) make my ad stand out from the crowd and once I have a few days worth of statistics I’ll let you know how my campaign is going.

I now need to concentrate on my marketing. I’m using Facebook ads because, from everything I’ve researched, Facebook is still the best place to get targeted, quality traffic (visitors) to my website but I am also researching other ways of getting subscribers that don’t cost me any money.

Next week my plan is to do a Google search on Internet Marketing Forums and other coaching blog sites that have people posting who are looking for help or advice on internet marketing, affiliate marketing and online businesses. By commenting on forums with useful tips and advice and by answering questions posted I should be able to get people asking me for more information and I can then direct them to my product offers and tools that I use in my online business. All it takes is a few hours of my time, no financial cost at all and I know that any leads I generate are high quality because I am responding to and answering a direct need, I’m not trying to sell anything to anyone.

Again, I’ll update you on how this goes in a future blog.

So for now, that’s it for my first blog post. I’m not quite sure how long or short these things should be so please feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below and if there are any questions you have, please post those and I will do my best to answer them.

In the meantime, if you want to take a look at how you can get full training on how to set up your own online business, take a look at how I got set up by clicking on the link to the right of this blog and get a FREE report to help get you started. I’ll then drop you a series of personal emails with more information on how you can get your own professional, successful online business set up fast and how I can help you to start making money and living the lifestyle you have been dreaming of.

Until next time, have an awesome and successful week and I really look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,