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When one door slams shut….another (better one) opens….

Hello dear Reader.

So, in my last blog I said I had something wonderful and new that I was going to get started in and I would share it with you in a later post.
This is that “later post”

The only thing is……my grand plan ground to a very sudden halt for reasons which I won’t go into (but it wasn’t my choice) so there is no longer anything more to update you on that score.

HOWEVER… always seems to happen in my life (clearly I have a very hard working guardian angel) that particular door slammed shut in my face because there was something else that was meant to happen (call it Destiny, Karma, Good Luck, Fate or whatever you want).

I’m still getting set up, going through the learning and getting to grips with everything that you need to do when setting up a new business so once all that is done I will DEFINITELY share everything with you but suffice it to say that, in all my years of looking for an online business that met all my specific criteria I had never found one that ticked every single box and therein lies the reason why I am not a millionaire today.

You see, in my impatience to become a successful entrepreneur I forgot the number 1 rule of never jumping in to something unless it ticked ALL the right boxes. I somehow managed to conveniently overlook the one or two things that were clearly missing, convincing myself that somehow I, poor, inexperienced amateur that I was, could magickly make it work even without a couple of important ingredients.

Looking back that seems to be so stupid now……after all, as a keen cook I wouldn’t try and bake a cake if I didn’t have any flour for example would I? Eggs, butter and sugar when combined may make something but it sure as heck won’t make a cake.

So if I won’t make a cake with a missing ingredient why oh why would I try to make something of a business if there is some important ingredient missing….duh (face palm!!!!)

I’d like to say that this time I have done loads of research, checked out hundreds of possible online businesses, tested loads of products, talked to no end of business owners/fellow entrepreneurs/opportunity seekers/business reviewers etc etc but I have to confess that actually Lady Luck (or my guardian Angel) was on my side (or just decided to get straight to the point rather than watch me screw up again!!!!) and I literally fell into this and met the right person at the right time.

I wasn’t even looking for any business opportunity to be completely honest but had joined a Facebook group to get advice and inspiration on how I could use my natural instinct for helping people by becoming a coach of some description. In that group there’s something called Promo Friday where people can talk about the business they are in and Bianca shared what she was doing, not in a “Join me, this is awesome” salesy way but just “this is what I do and I love it”. That difference to everyone elses “sales pitch” got me intrigued and I connected with her to ask for more info. Even then, she didn’t try to sell me anything (awesome) but instead asked questions about me.

WOW! Someone is actually interested in me and not what they can sell to me – now that’s something you don’t see very often, so I asked more questions and the more I heard the more interested I became, not just because of what she was saying but the way in which she said it. I know that, even if I had said I wasn’t interested I would want to stay connected with Bianca because she was honest, friendly, professional and so NOT a sales person it was impossible to think she would ever pester me about anything.

In this day of the hard sell and everyone trying to pitch you on their “awesome, amazing product/business that is going to make you an overnight squillionaire” it was so refreshing to find someone who simply said “take a look, let me know what you think and get in touch with any questions”.

So I did just that and it quickly became apparent why Bianca didn’t need to sell anything but herself.
Why? Well, perhaps I’ll go into that in more details a bit later on but suffice it to say that I got signed up straight away (14 day review period….take a look, do some free training, have a free coaching call, make your mind up before getting involved – awesome and no pressure at all!)

So here I am, about to launch into something new that I know 100% is absolutely right for me.

ALL the right boxes are ticked….

(1) Company that has been around for a long time (over 40 years) and operates worldwide. TICK
(2) Top class quality product that is backed by scientific testing, is certificated and has won lots of awards. TICK
(3) Every possible tool you will ever need in an online business provided. TICK
(4) Training on every aspect you could possibly need to be a success (and regularly updated) TICK.
(5) Automated system that does 90% of the work for you so you can relax knowing that the hard stuff is done and done properly. TICK
(6) An awesome community of people from new starters to multi millionaires all willing to share, help and support (yep, the really rich guys get online every day to help, train, support as well!) TICK.
(7) NOT a pyramid scheme but a genuine payment plan that makes sure everyone is rewarded on the basis of their own individual effort and success and not just because they happen to be higher up the pyramid than you. TICK
(8) An opportunity to make a heck of a lot of money if you listen, learn and take consistent action. TICK
(9) An awesome mentor and an up-line who genuinely want to help me succeed, not because they want to make money but because they want to make an impact on other people’s lives as well. TICK

I don’t think I have ever come across something that ticks every box and that has got me so excited. I’ve been scammed and ripped off enough times to be able to pick out the scams, rotten eggs and rubbish that is out there in internet-world and to be honest I was beginning to feel that there was nothing genuine, honest and based on integrity and a true desire to help people succeed but I am so glad I have been proved wrong.

As I wrote in a post in one of the support groups that I am in….

“I feel like I’ve been wallowing around in a stormy sea of possibilities over the last few years, never finding anything that was right for me and then along came this lifeboat full of awesome people with a company that has everything I need as well as an amazing product and I got rescued.”

I’m away most of next week but after that it’s all hands to the pump and I’ll be launching full on with this next step in my life as an entrepreneur and (hopefully) coach and you can read how I do as always, in this blog.

Until next time,

Have a great week,

Helping to make your world a better place.

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