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“Success requires no apologies. Failure permits no alibis.” Napoleon Hill

I am currently reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, a book I now wish I had read much earlier on in my life and a book I think EVERYONE should read, regardless of whether they are in any business, thinking about setting up a business or just wanting to get by in life without ending up in a big pile of financial shit.

I am reading it one chapter per day – there is so much to absorb and learn that doing any more than that would just blow my little grey cells I think.

Today’s chapter is on Desire (and no, this blog is NOT going to get kinky here!) This is about desiring money.

“Wishing will NOT bring money. But DESIRING riches with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, then planning definite ways and means to acquire riches and backing those plans with persistence THAT DOES NOT RECOGNIZE FAILURE will bring riches.”

In this chapter we are told to follow 6 steps which I will outline below for you.

1. Fix in your mind the EXACT amount of money you desire. Be definite as to the amount. Just saying “I want to be rich” or “I want lots of money” isn’t going to cut it. That’s a bit like saying I want food… much food? What type? When exactly do you want it? Be specific.

2. Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire. Nothing in life is free so what are you going to give back? Your time? Your focus and attention? Helping other people achieve the same? It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay out in $$$ although you might decide to pay for mentoring, coaching or educational stuff to help move you forwards in life your job or business.

3. Establish a definite date when you intend to have the money you desire. Yes, this is pretty much goal setting but believe me IT WORKS and it keeps your mind, attention and actions focused and on track.

4. Create a definite PLAN for carrying out your desire and BEGIN AT ONCE whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action. DON’T PROCRASTINATE. It’s about pace NOT perfection. If you never start you don’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of getting what you want.

5. Write out your statement of intent…
“I will have $X by such and such a date. I will give………in return for receiving this money and I will achieve this by doing the following steps………… I WILL START TODAY!!!”

6. Read your statement out loud 2xper day – don’t just write it out and then never look at it again. As you read really SEE, FEEL, BELIEVE YOURSELF ALREADY IN POSSESSION OF THE MONEY. What you feel is far more powerful than simply saying words. What comes from the heart is magnified in it’s realization far more than what comes from simply repeating words like a parrot.

Only those who become MONEY CONSCIOUS ever accumulate great riches. “Money consciousness” means that the mind has become so thoroughly saturated in the DESIRE for money that you can see yourself already in possession of it.
If you do not see great riches in your imagination you will NEVER see them in your bank balance and the one quality you MUST have in order to win is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what you want and a BURNING DESIRE to possess it.

I am reminded of the story I heard about Whoopi Goldberg, that amazing actor, in the days long before she became famous. Born into poverty and with (to all intents and purposes) no chance whatsoever of achieving her dream of becoming an actor, she would look at her reflection in the mirror every single morning and tell herself that she WAS going to be a rich and famous actor.
Day after day she held onto that absolute desire and belief that she WOULD achieve her dreams, no matter what the odds against it happening, no matter what people told her to the contrary.

Now she is a household name and a much loved, respected and sought after actor.

A strong desire, an absolute belief that IT IS POSSIBLE and having persistence that does not recognize failure is all it takes to bring you the riches or anything else in life that you want.

So how strong is your desire and what will YOU do today to finally have everything you want?

Until next time, I remain your friend in life and business.

Kate xx

I Failed Again – but that was a REALLY GOOD THING!!!

So, If anyone ever reads these blogs you will have noticed that there has been a MASSIVE gap since my last blog post and there has been a reason for that.

You see, this blog was about my online journey in a new business and how it was going.

Well, I have to report that as far as financial freedom goes, it was a big fat pile of shit if I am totally honest and I went away to hide in my cave and lick my wounds.

Failed again, just like so many times in the past.

Was it me?
Was it the product?
Was it the business?
Was it the training?
Was it the support?

Well, YES was the answer to all of those questions.

You see, what I failed to see at the start of this epic failure was that nothing had changed from every other time I have tried to start a new business. And if you carry on doing what you have always done, you invariably get what you have always got and in my case, this has been FAILURE on an epic scale.

So yes, it was Me.

And yes it was the product (it was crap if I’m honest – all BS, fluff and no substance but brilliantly marketed so I was suckered in again.)

And yes it was the business as a whole (same reasons as above,)

And yes it was the training (what training????) I was given the set up I paid for, a load of sign in id’s and passwords and ……………helloooooo is there any body there? BIG FAT SILENCE.

So yes, it was also most definitely the NO SUPPORT (we got your money no f*** off and do it all yourself).

Hmmmmmmm. Time to give up you might think. But NO……if nothing else I am a trier (either that or the voice in my head just annoys me so much I keep giving into it’s suggestion that there MUST be something authentic, honest, genuine and REAL that works and gives me everything I need to be a success).

The funny thing is, when you reach rock bottom and surrender all your “terms and conditions” about what it is you want out of life or a business or a relationship or anything, that’s when the Universe give a great big sigh of relief and says “FINALLY. Now we can really start again from scratch, sort out ALL the problems and do it right.”

That’s what has happened this time.

I didn’t want to be in any kind of MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, referral programmes, Bitcoin/Forex or anything like that but they all seemed so shiny and enticing that I tried them all and failed at all of them because they just weren’t ME.

What I needed was something that resonates with my principles of honesty, integrity and a deep, almost instinctive desire to help other people in some way or another. In other words….something that doesn’t exist out there in the world of online business.

Or does it???

You see, in the moment of giving up, I actually found what I was looking for, that HOLY GRAIL of the internet, something actually DECENT, GOOD, HONEST and GENUINE with REAL people who actually CARE.

Real people who actually care about ME and who want me to succeed?
A business where you succeed by helping everyone else to succeed?
Can that actually be real?


You see, whilst I was hiding away from this Blog and licking my wounds I have slowly been going through an amazing healing process, something I have never done before.

I have finally discovered ME! I know who I AM and who I have the ability to become.

I have overcome some MASSIVE internal, self limiting beliefs and I now KNOW why I have failed all those other times in the past and I also know that I am NO LONGER GOING TO BE A FAILURE.

My experience has been so profound and so BIG that I was actually invited to co-author a book called Success Unlimited ( which made No 4 on the Amazon New Releases list just last week.

WOW!!! That’s some turnaround and YES, this journey has been incredible.

What’s even more exciting is that, having done the internal work, I have today, begun my journey to Financial Freedom again only this time it’s completely different.

You see, I made sure, BEFORE I set out on this, my final trip into the world of online business, that ALL the boxes were ticked.

~ personal development and mindset changes in place. TICK
~ opportunity to HELP OTHER PEOPLE. TICK
~ A proven, honest, genuine business that has been around for long enough to know it works. TICK
~ evidence the it is working for not just a few people but LOTS of people. TICK
~ Products that are actually useful, that people not only want but NEED and which I don’t have to buy and store in my garage! TICK
~ 90% automated, all-done-for-you platform (because quite frankly, I don’t want to do it all myself. I have neither the time, nor the knowledge nor the inclination to start EVERYTHING from scratch. Maybe selfishly, I want it all done or me). TICK.
~ Training that is constantly being updated (eg, FB ads and algorythms – what a f*****g minefield.)TICK (phew)
~ Amazing, awesome, supportive, people who are all there EVERY DAY giving help, advice, coaching and mentoring to help absolutely EVERYONE succeed.
~ oh and yes (nearly forgot) an incredible potential for MASSIVE income potential . I mean, people are earning 4,5 and even 6 (yes I said 6) figures a month. FUCKING HELL!!!

So today, I AM READY and I am going ALL IN.

This business deserves 100% of me because I AM WORTH 100% of me and I KNOW this time I WILL succeed.

This business WORKS!

I am a DIVA.
I am WORTH it (to quote an ad for a well know brand of beauty products!)

Buckle up and get ready to watch the ride of a lifetime and if you want to get on board at any time, just ask!!

Have an amazing day.

Kate xx