Bumps in the Road!

We all have them……

Bumps in the road; falling off the wagon (whichever wagon you happen to be on – mine is staying focused on my business!); face planting the road to your hopes and dreams; making a wrong turn sometimes.

It’s easy to give up at this point.

In fact for some this bump or fall, face plant or wrong turn, is exactly the excuse they have been waiting for to be able to give up and go back to their comfort zone of moaning and bitching, having a pity party and generally joining in with the “Life’s not fair” brigade.

The successful people in life are the ones who don’t make excuses, don’t see excuses and who don’t give up.

Bumps in the road may slow you down but maybe you actually NEED to slow down for a little bit!!

Physical bumps in the road, the ones that threaten to tear your exhaust off if you drive over them any faster than 5mph are put there for a reason – SAFETY. For us and those around us, maybe our own personal or business “bump” is actually keeping you or someone else safe. Slowing you down for a reason perhaps???

Falling off the wagon – now that can really hurt, and it stops you dead in your tracks.

Its easy to believe you have failed and so you give up. But this is the point where you have to remember that nothing is a failure until you give up on it.

Falling off the wagon or face planting the path to your dreams is NOT failure…….unless you choose to give up.

Get up, get back on the wagon, get back on your path and you have NOT failed. You have a choice at this point – make sure it’s a good choice, the right choice.

And as for making a wrong turning, heading in the wrong direction, going round in circles until you feel dizzy – what do you do about that?

Well, pretty much the same as those other bumps, falls and face plants……….. STOP!!!

Take a deep breath and stop panicking. There is a way back out of every hole; there is a way of correcting your course and getting back on track.

You have a built in Sat Nav – it’s called your intuition, your gut feeling… and if you had actually been tuned into it in the first place you wouldn’t have made that wrong turning but I know that the noise of life with all it’s distractions often means that we can’t or don’t want to listen to our intuition.

And so we go wrong.

So what!!!

Take a look around you. Take time to understand why this place you are in is not the right place for you to be.

Or maybe it’s actually the right place right now because there is something you need to learn from being here?

Nothing in life is a mistake – it is simply a decision you or I have made that leads us to a different outcome than the one we were expecting and every “mistake” is an opportunity for learning.

Embrace your “wrong turnings” – be grateful for them, for the lessons they are teaching you and use your in-built sat nav to help you find your way back to your true path.

And remember, before you think about making any other changes to your planned route in life just stop before you make that turn…..

Take a breath. Tune out all the noise around you, the advice, information,pressure,bright sparkly objects etc and listen to what your gut instinct,your intuition, your heart is telling you.

It may not be what you want to hear but it is ALWAYS, ALWAYS right.

Have an awesome day.

Kate xx

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