Lessons in Life

I have lived so much of my life thinking, believing and feeling that I was a failure, not good enough, incapable of succeeding in life or business or as a daughter/wife/parent etc.

What we believe we are we become.

We can hope, we can dream but without belief nothing will ever come of those hopes an dreams. And so we give in to the negativity over and over again and slowly our hopes and dreams wither and die before ever reaching fruition.

I see so many people crushed by self-doubt, fear of judgement, a negative view of who they are or who they could be and it saddens me. That used to be me and sometimes, all those old feelings, doubts and negativity still rear their ugly heads and try to overwhelm me.

But I have learned that I do not need to have my future dictated to by my past. I am no longer the person I was.

I was born to love this life, to dance in the rain, scuff my way through autumn leaves, splash in puddles, build snowmen, explore rock pools, belly laugh until I cry, hug loved ones, share wine, chocolate and memories with my best friend and above all, to be, do and have everything I ever wanted.

Some of us start out in a difficult place. Some of us have it easier.

But it is not how we start that counts, it is how we run the course and how we finish this life that really counts.

Often the people who face the biggest hurdles are the ones who achieve the most. An easy life has the potential to make us lazy and takes away our ability to appreciate and be grateful for everything we have no matter how small or seemingly insignificant those things might be.

For it is in our gratitude for the little things that the bigger things come to us.

Life is tough.

We are here to learn and if we have no problems to face then we learn nothing.

Without darkness we cannot appreciate light.

Without tears we cannot appreciate laughter.

Without sadness we cannot appreciate joy.

Without the bad we cannot appreciate the good.


Yin and Yang.

Lessons and choices.

We weave the story of our own tapestry of Life. We choose the colors, the patterns, the images, the story – no one else creates our life. Others may try to influence us, some help, some hinder, some teach, some try to change or destroy what we are trying to create but as long as we know what we truly want from this life, as long as we hold true to our hopes and dreams and never give up we WILL create the life we want.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Storm clouds will always pass eventually and make way for the sun to shine.

Day will always follow night.

You will never be without love if you have learned to love yourself.

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry all alone. The world is a tough place. People can be cruel but that is their problem not yours so don’t let them influence how you feel about yourself.

Always, always, always be true to yourself.

Treat other as you would have them treat you and try to see something good in everyone and everything around you. You will be surprised at how much brighter the world looks from this perspective.

We are born to laugh, to love, to enjoy and not to cry, hate or endure. Live as YOU want to live and be the person YOU want to be without fear of judgement, ridicule or criticism.

This is YOUR life, not anyone else’s and as long as you live it to he best of your ability, without negativity, cruelty, immorality, greed, hate or judgement then live it EXACTLY as you choose and be the person you choose to be and not the person other people tell you to be.

Laugh. Love. Dance. Give. Be grateful. Enjoy.

You only have one life……LIVE IT!!!!!

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