Motivation vs Inspiration.

If I am honest, I have never really stopped to consider the difference between motivation and inspiration until today. I guess, being a generally positive type of person I tend to focus on motivation as being a positive thing, driven from a place of positive energy as opposed to anything negative.

But today I learned that whilst inspiration is most definitely a positive thing (even when coming from some of the saddest of situations) , motivation can be very much driven by negativity as much as anything positive.

And whilst the end result can be exactly what you want, I have to question how this sits in terms of the Law of Attraction.

Today I found myself motivated by those most negative of emotions – anger and frustration and whilst inwardly I am utterly seething I know that to actually do or say something whilst in this frame of mind is probably not going to do me much good in relation to the Law of Attraction and like attracting like! (Although shouting down the phone at someone right now might make me feel momentarily better.)

There are few things in life that have me reaching for the Gin bottle or meditation music on YouTube faster than rudeness (especially from someone who is supposedly paid to help you – yes I am talking Customer Services here!), bad manners, lying, theft, fraud and spam emails.

Today it has been the turn of ineptitude, appallingly bad customer service and total lack of sympathy or understanding for a customer in a difficult situation (I’m trying to resolve the last remaining financial BS from my late mother’s estate and getting nowhere fast with a totally unprofessional, intransigent, obdurate, ignorant and down right rude electricity supplier).

At this moment in time I would happily put a verbal bomb up someone’s a*se but who is actually to blame?

Is it the Customer Service rep who was utterly rude (or perhaps she was just badly trained or having a bad day herself.)?

Or is it the billing department who can’t seem to use the same two numbers twice on different bills (or do they just put figures into a system and believe whatever comes out at the other end without actually checking them because they have never actually been trained to check anything??)

Perhaps it is whoever wrote the training systems for Customer Services and Finance (& if it is, how the hell am I supposed to find out who that person was so I can give them a piece of my mind)?

Maybe it’s HR who can’t seem to work out how to recruit the right people for the job? Or possibly it goes right to the top and the CEO who, under pressure from shareholders, cuts budgets so much that poor service is the only possible outcome for everyone.

Fortunately there is a complaints procedure (or at least their website says there is one but whether or not it actually works is another thing altogether) and, as a last resort, there is the Ombudsman.

Whichever way I end up going, the one thing I am sure of is that if I go into the next stage of the process in my current state of seething rage I may get the end result of what I want but in doing so I will have piled up a whole load of negative energy that is only going to affect me (& not in a good way) and I am more than likely going to get the equivalent level of anger directed back at me at some point in the future.

So, for now, I am going to resist the temptation to pour a large G&T at 3pm, will make myself a cup of tea instead and take a few deep breaths in and out to calm myself down.

And if that doesn’t work I’m going to find some inanimate object and beat the crap out of it!!!!

Peace and love to you all until next time.

Kate xx

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