Snails and Big Fish.

The weekend is over and for many people that means back to the drudgery of the early morning alarm, the commute to work and the 9-5, exchanging your time for enough money to pay the bills and making someone else rich (NOT very motivational I know!!!)

For some of us who are lucky enough not to have jobs we really dislike, Monday is a day to look forward to but we still have the same worries and concerns about money, time, self doubt and whether what we are doing is right.

“Comparisonitis” can creep into everyone’s life at some point or another and it can lead to envy, jealousy, frustration and even quitting if we are not careful.

What you need to understand is that a snail’s journey in life is just as important and as successful as anyone else’s!

Watching a snail move you probably think that it goes sooooo slowly it can’t possibly achieve much in it’s life.
But it’s all about perception.

Shrink yourself down to the size of a snail and suddenly that pavement you need to get across to reach the grass on the other side becomes far more than one simple stride – it becomes a morning’s worth of work and effort.

Conversely, turn around and take a look at the “big fish” in your particular work or business “pond”. Perhaps how fast they move, how successful they have become, how much money they have already made and continue to make, how many people look up to them makes you suddenly feel like that snail by comparison.

Looking at either in this way is not good for you unless you take a positive viewpoint.

Don’t mock the snail because it seems to be moving slowly (& please don’t stomp on it!). Try helping it, pick it up and move it out of harm’s way and to where it is trying to get to (Gardeners – I am speaking metaphorically here so your veggies and flowers are safe!!)

Be grateful that you are in a position to help out someone who is moving slower than you (& there are ALWAYS people like that when you look around you no matter what you think your current position in life is) and help them whenever you can.

On the other side of the picture, don’t give in to envying those big fish who seem to fly through the stormy seas of business and work without any difficulties. They may have achieved everything you want but there is no reason for envy.

They were small fry once upon a time. It took courage, persistence, determination,, self-belief and passion to get to where they are today and there is still always the risk of a bigger fish swallowing them up or of getting tangled up in some thoughtless rubbish other people dump.

Sure, some of them will look upon you as a snail and mock your slower progress – ignore them; don’t try to be them and remember that Karma always comes around in the end!

Instead, look up to the ones who embody the characteristics that you admire, the ones who inspire you and who help, encourage and support you.

Learn from them. Be motivated by them and stick with your dreams and REMEMBER……

….you are already that person to a snail somewhere else.

Have an awesome day everyone whether you are a big fish, a little fish or a snail 🙂

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