Taking inspiration from no inspiration!!

It’s easy to look at what other people are doing and writing about either in blogs or on social media, and feel that your life is dull by comparison.

“I’m not inspired enough to write inspirational posts.”

“Nothing is amazing enough to write about and no one will want to read about MY life right now.” etc etc etc

The answer? Be HONEST – with yourself and with your audience.

It can be quite enlightening to read that other people sometimes come to a grinding halt in their journey of Life and wonder what to do next or which way to turn. There really is no such thing as a Positivity Superhero who doesn’t know what problems, upsets or a down day are (no matter what they post on Facebook or Instagram!!)

Inspirational posts are great but sometimes I find that I start to compare myself to those people who are ALWAYS writing inspirational stuff and who NEVER seem to be negative or have any problems in life. “What am I doing wrong?” is a question I find myself asking (the answer to that question is “nothing”!)

If I am honest I sometimes find it exhausting, like watching an irritating toy powered by a Duracell battery and waiting for it to run out of power (I know that seems unfair and it probably is but this post is about being honest and that’s how I feel sometimes!)

The reality is that life, nature, the Moon, energy, everything, moves in waves – up and down , left and right. It is those changes in movement that keep our momentum going forwards and without them we would most definitely end up getting utterly stuck.

People say life is a balance – it’s not really.

Balance is something static, stationary, not going anywhere. Life is Flow – sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes left and sometimes right but always, always moving forwards.

It’s fine to feel a bit down when you just want to be happy and positive.

Don’t resist it! Explore those feelings and try to get to know them , to understand them.

Why? That’s always a great question to ask! Why do I feel like this? What happened? Why did it happen? Why me? Be inquisitive about your feelings; get to know what they are really like; what led you to feel this way; what can you do to feel differently? It can actually be quite and interesting and cathartic process.

And remember this – in order to fully appreciate the great/ happy/ successful/ fun-filled times in life we have to have something to measure or compare them with. If we have no experience of sad how can we know or appreciate the fact that we are happy?

What is “Up” if we have no “Down” to measure it by?

What does “Left” mean if there is no “Right”?

I took inspiration from being uninspired today and created this blog post!!

There is a surprise in everything in life.

Have an awesome day 🙂

Kate x

2 thoughts on “Taking inspiration from no inspiration!!

    1. Kate Jones Post author

      That’s awesome Kimberly. Keep watching out for future posts too as hopefully there will be other words that resonate with you.


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