“Time is just another flow of Energy. It is only limited by the box we put it in.”

How many times do you hear people say “I never have enough time”, “There are not enough hours in the day”, “time just runs away with me”?

Or there’s the opposite… “time is dragging”, “the clock just doesn’t seem to be moving” etc etc…

Have you noticed how time flies when you are having fun but drags when you are bored and almost seems to stand still when you are waiting for something exciting to happen? When you are really looking forward to something it seems to take forever to happen yet when you are dreading something it comes up so quickly. 
A minute of pain seems to last forever; a minute of joy passes all too quickly.

Time changes according to our perceptions and feelings, our thoughts and and emotions.
If time speeds up or slows down as a result of how we unconsciously think or feel, what do you think we could do with time if we consciously applied those same perceptions, thoughts and emotions??

The Law of Attraction states that we attract to us everything we think, feel and do. 
If you are always worrying about time and telling yourself that you don’t have enough of it then you WILL find that time absolutely run away from you.
And the opposite is true as well!

So next time you find yourself worrying about lack of time just STOP…. take a breath and remind yourself that time is merely a flow of Energy that contracts or expands to the size of box that our thoughts, feelings and perceptions build for it.

Take your matchbox size perception of time and imagine it expanding into a HUGE box of seemingly endless proportions with Time joyfully bouncing around instead of being squished into a tiny little box.

You will be surprised at how much more time you suddenly find you have.

Have an amazing day filled with ALL the time you need to do everything you want.

Kate xx

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